• Simple
• Safe
• Secure
• Successful
  Anchor System

Designed by 
Dr. Peter F. Kurer

Long life Swiss precision instruments, with meticulously matching Anchors and Anchor refills, provide superb quality at reasonable prices.

• A passive post
• The best retention
• The largest surface area
• Cement buffers for lateral stress distribution

Expect only the best!
Here's what your colleagues are saying......

"In the 12 years I've been using this system, I have not had any problems. It is stronger and gives much better retention. I really like it." 
--Kenneth Nevar DDS - Willoughby, OH

"I have been using the Kurer K4 Anchor System for 15 years. It's simple, and it works -- as opposed to losing them." 
--Michael Uss DDS - Onalaska, WI

"The Kurer System is very retentive and yet kind to the tooth. There is less chance of splitting the tooth. I have been using it for 18 years."
--Robert Murray DDS - Glenwood Springs, CO

"I like than you can easily adjust the length and still get good retention. It works for me, especially on bicuspids. I have been using it for 10 years."
--Tom Bucker DDS - Johnson City, NY

"It's simple. There is no rotation problem. It does the job. It's good. I like it. "
--Dr Raphael Adinolfi DDS

The K4 pre-threading system of modern dentistry

1. Simple - because....

...the precision instruments prepare a cylindrical form to enable a thread to be cut into the canal wall. Cut not squeezed, scraped, or wedged in.

2. Safe - because....

...the sharp three bladed Thread Cutter cuts the unique K4 thread design into the canal wall, without causing stress.

3. Secure - because....

...of the precision matching of the threaded post with the Thread Cutter; secure because of the cement buffer which combines maximum retention with optimum stress distribution.

4. Successful - because....

...of a unique step forward in stress distribution with precision bio-engineering creating maximum retention.*

* 1. Mizukawa JJDA 19.27 1972
2. Kurer H.C. et al JPD 38 1977
3. Johnson Sakamura JPD 40 1978
4. Standlee J.P. et al JPD 39 1978

What is the secret behind the K4 success story?

* The K4 Anchor Concept uses a sharp, three bladed Thread Cutter 20-25 microns wider all round than the matching threaded shank.
* The unique K4 cutting profile ensures there will be no lateral contact between the crest of the threads and the canal wall. The space so created becomes a cement buffer.
* The overall parallel configuration and the buffer layer of cement contribute to the distribution of forces.*
* There are 72 threads to the inch (0.35 mm pitch), creating a larger surface area for optimum retention and stress distribution.
* The K4 post does NOT flex, it is rigid. It cannot bend away from the preparation, producing optimum retention and stress distribution.
* The crest of the K4 thread is rounded. No sharp line angles exist which can cause points of stress concentration.
* The K4 Anchor achieves a passive fit in the preparation, it can easily be screwed in by hand; try the same with self-threaded posts and feel the difference. The vital difference!

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View a demonstration of the Kurer K4 Anchor System -- the system with 35 years of clinical proof and success. This post does not fracture teeth and has the very best retention and stress distribution. 
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