Arctic Blast

Arctic Blast is a refrigerant spray and is used primarily to test for pulp vitality. It is simpler and more efficient than using ice cubes and more comfortable than the tapping method for the patient. Just spray Arctic Blast onto a cotton pellet and place on the tooth in question. Evaluate patient’s reaction according to standard diagnostic criteria. That’s it! No more hassle of making and handling of “little ice cubes”.

Another use for Arctic Blast is applying it directly onto plastic immediately after thermoforming. This helps to assure maximum thermoforming adaptation of bleaching trays, mouthguard materials, retainers and other plastics.

Additionally, it is ideal for chilling memory type arch wire to make it more pliable.

Arctic Blast is a simple product that makes your job easier. It comes in 10 oz cans – 4 oz more than other name brands.

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