Micro Applicator Brush for Multiple Uses

Fuzzys™ is a practical and affordable Disposable Micro Applicator. It is designed for fast application of minute amounts of material. Fuzzys™ is ideal for etchants, cavity liners, bonding agents, hemostatic and disclosing solutions. Other applications include cleaning up excess resin, condensing calcium hydroxide in root canals, removing excess temporary crown cement and more!

"I have unhappily used brushes for years, UNTIL NOW. Fuzzys makes painting goo in teeth fun! You can put it in a tiny hole, big hole, it's light, it's easy. I absolutely love them!" 
Jon Samburg DDS - New Haven, CT

"Bonding in conservative preparations and post spaces requires an applicator brush that can enter these narrow, constricted areas. Extra Fine Fuzzys meet this requirement and are an integral part of my bonding armamentarium." 
Ian E. Shuman DDS - Glen Burnie, MD

Other Benefits

• Easy to use
• Precise application possible in areas of limited access
• Eliminates dripping, spilling, and waste
• Apply as little as 1/8 of a drop
• Non-linting fibers are remarkably absorbent
• Plastic neck can be bent to suit your needs
• Convenient, practical and economical

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